For patients on complex therapies, every day counts, every drop counts. Start saving time for your patients and optimizing your cashflow within 45 days.

Gain visibility and understanding throughout your patient access and referral ecosystem for the first time. You can actually know what is happening for your patients through the entire medication process from prescribing through the payer reviews, patient assistance and eligibility, 340B compliance, fulfillment and administration. Even refills.

Introducing …. Canary 4.0. Velocity’s advanced analytics for understanding the gaps and opportunities in your health system workflow, including 340B routing and referrals.

1. Pharmacy Routing. Patient-Specific Fulfillment Routing to the Optimal Pharmacy with Rules Engines to Manage Payer Networks, Limited Distribution Restrictions and 340B Contract Pharmacies.

2. Intelligent, Automated Processes for faster access.

3. Automated Patient Referral Programs. Understand where your patients are going, particularly for specialist referrals and virtual care. Discover how you can better communicate among providers and patients in a modern, open health community.

4. Advanced tracking and reporting for true informed consent and financial insights beginning at the point of care.

Confidence … certain you are helping your patients.

Without Velocity, patients and prescriptions wind up in unintended places. 

The complex, overlapping regulations and layers of rules from payers, PBMs, and pharma impairs visibility and control. Every drug and payer permutation can have different supply chain and routing restrictions.

A thousand points of failure confound the medication order, authorization, fulfillment, and administration process. 

Conquer the complexity.

2018 leaking bucket

Wouldn’t it would be nice, if medication and referral leakage was this obvious?

62% of therapies are lost, misrouted, incomplete or abandoned in the average health system specialty pharmacy and 340B contract network.    Even a little improvement can save time that counts and capture revenue that matters. Start counting Patient Days Waiting as an important clinical metric.

Let’s discover where Velocity fits for you …

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