Passionate experts from all three healthcare verticals make the difference – providers, payers, and pharma. We excel at the intersection of patients, prescriptions and your 340B ecosystem. Years of practice, plenty of missteps and skinned knees, ready for primetime.  Don’t take our word for it.  Intelligent services, easy to get started, you decide how fast you want to grow. Start small, prove the value, move at your own pace.


  1. Canary understanding gaps and opportunities in your 340B cashflow
  2. Network Ideas – optimal 340B design and supply chain management
  3. Point of Care decision-making
  4. Enterprise encounters 360 degree audit, reporting and tracking
  5. Everywhere Patient Engagement for real world evidence, outcomes and adherence.

Meet the groundwork for the future of value based reimbursement. Want clear contracting strategies, your proven data is right here.


None of this matters until you make life better for patients and easier for providers. Everybody wins. It all starts with a deep understanding of 340B and the connectedness that is required to serve everyone’s needs.

Outcomes – More than Money

Accelerate Your Patient Care

Use our auditing tools to check your speed, grow as fast as you want.

Faster, Bigger Cashflow in 45 days

You can launch within 45 days. Measure results. Repeat.